Case Study

SIIB – Membership Site

“North Route has done an outstanding job and has delivered a complete solution to the request we had with this project. Not only were they able to handle the various requirements but they also came up with new ideas that helped the project succeed better and faster.”

CEO of TotalBizz

Membership Website with Payments Module

The website consists of Paid Membership levels to access different content areas. Within each level a new area is created with different pages and information. The students also have an account page with profile and chat function to communicate with each other.

Personal dasboard with online video courses

Inside the membership are there is a video course for students to learn how to build a chat bot. The videos are protected content only for students who have signed up for the course. Furthermore, for each level the students are invited and motivated to upgrade to the next level.

About the client

TotalBizz is a Canadian business solution provider working for global clients developing online platforms and delivering top notch marketing services. See The company assembles teams with various skill sets to work together on large digital projects.

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