Case Study

Football in China | Film Project Site

“Great job by the North Route team! Fast, clean, and more than we asked for!”

Davig Lingerak
Film maker

Creating a good impression for film festival applications.

The website purpose is to impress film festival all across the world to show the professionalism of the documentary production. The visuals and preview are the main component of the website, as well as the presentation of sponsors.

Smooth scroll and mobile optimised web design.

The website has a smooth scroll and user experience, and is optimised for all devices including mobile and tablet. The parallax effects and color usage give the website a nice look and feel.

About the client

Football in China is the first real life documentary about football in the largest society on earth: China. With over 1.3 billion people, this documentary is trying to find out whether China has the capability to succeed in ever winning the world cup of football. The stakes are high, once China commits to something, there is practically no return.

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