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Parvematkad | Recreation business

“Very satisfied with the result! All services are nicely displayed and I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments so far. Our business is also nominated for business of the year in Estonia and our website has contributed to that!”

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Owner Parvematkad

A wide range of water related activities.

The website features a wide range of water related activities and services that Parvematkad offers. The smooth User Experience and navigation on each page maximises the time spent on the site by any given visitor.

An underwater experience...

The website design features an underwater experience that sets the right mood for the visitor. The blue colored waves and patterns create a feeling of under water and fun. The great extent of imagery usage allows for an even deeper visual journey on the site.

About the client

Parvematkad is an Estonian company that is in the business of renting out floating houses, rafts, sauna’s and other peculiar vehicles to local and foreign tourists. The unique rafts are renowned for their quality and innovative nature.

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